Where to take from if not to steal?


By: LuckyMe

The term CULTURE seems interesting to me.

For most people it has a positive connotation – for women and men alike. Similar to the term NATURE or HUMAN. CULTURE presumably derives its positive value from its distinction from BARBARITY. We are cultured people, we have set ourselves apart from barbarism. We are cultivated. We have even cultivated nature. Perhaps we secretly fear a relapse into barbarism. Chaos. The downfall of culture.

The concept of culture seems to want to banish the horror associated with the spread of humans on the planet. – Yes, we are proud of human culture. We even forget that it is not actually a human one, but a masculine one. The masculine has dominated all cultural spheres for millennia. The feminine fits into the masculine cultural sphere. – The human actually shows us a shockingly unequal, distorted and ultimately questionable face. – What is actually wrong here? Culturally speaking?

If we were to look at the state of the planet and the biosphere from the outside, we would probably assume a dominion of barbarism. The scale of destruction and suffering is appalling. Even the vast oceans of the beautiful Blue Planet are polluted and endangered as habitats. Is all this the result of an „inhuman“ barbarism or a „human“ culture? – At least a male one?

I am not interested in shifting terms or making assertions. I do not want to defame the concept of CULTURE or that of HUMAN. – What is needed, it seems, is a new understanding of culture – an open unwavering gaze that does not fear the image that is presented to it. And which does not allow itself to be brought to its knees. – A new, lucid understanding of culture and people.

Where to take from if not to steal? – Everyone knows this stupid saying. It’s used when thoughts, questions and all efforts come to nothing.

I believe that we cannot understand human beings and the process of cultural unfolding from culture alone – and cannot organise ourselves culturally alone. It needs an evolutionary understanding. In an integral sense, evolution means not only biological evolution, but also soul, mental and spiritual evolution. We can understand the human being as the protagonist of an evolution that has produced various dimensions. Most of these dimensions are invisible. A mystery of all-connectedness. – It is a mystery because it is not culturally or consciously organised. – Actually, we would have to consider the invisible dimensions of life as the subconscious of culture.

Perhaps it makes sense to see evolution as a creative transformational force that, like culture – only far more profound, elemental and multidimensional – has set in motion an unfolding process. Man and humanity are the product of a cosmic unfolding process that has produced a conscious biological being that is concerned with cosmic and universal questions. They go far beyond the mastery of a biological and cultural habitat.

Albert Einstein said that problems cannot be solved at the level at which they arise. Does this mean that we cannot solve the problems that arise at the biological and cultural level – for example, the survival of humanity in this biosphere – at this level?

At what level then? – Here again the question arises: where to take from if not to steal?

I think it is obvious that our modern understanding of culture only grasps the cultural surface. Measured against the universal and cosmological understanding of earlier stages of culture – and of individual subjects – the scientific materialism of modernity has led us into a one-dimensional view of the world. The world has become a disc again. And we are crowding ever closer together at its edge.

If we are not to be brought to our knees by the image presented to us by the „barbarism of our technical civilisation“ – and also the horror prospects of our biospheric future – then perhaps we need to lift our gaze.

We can only do that as individuals. It happens in the subject before it has an effect on the culture. And lo and behold, this is where men and women are equally called upon. – If there is no equality at the level of culture, where do we find it? Perhaps a culture of inequality is simply out of the question. We would actually have to look for alternatives if we don’t want to think the whole thing is without alternatives. If we don’t find real alternatives on the level of culture, where then? – On the level of the subject? The subject seems to me to be rather despondent and conformist. It is most likely to cultivate its illusions and comfort zones. But we already suspect that the subject is losing its cover. It is in demand and meant. In the evolution of the subject into SELF, the alternatives confront us.

Raising the gaze, in other words. I can spontaneously think of some positive terms that perhaps sound somewhat „foreign to culture“:


They are experiences of the subject.

In any case, I believe that we are not spared the fright. It seems that the subject can only free its gaze if it goes through the fright. If it accepts the realisation of reality – and says goodbye to its illusions. It will be all right somehow… That would be the end. – There is no more radical intervention of the subject than that of raising the gaze. And this also applies equally to women and men. Equal partners of the open unwavering gaze. That would be a radical partnership – and at the same time a most subtle one.

The present culture does not go this way. It has lost sight of the SENSE when it committed itself to the PURPOSE. – The future is born in the subject. In me and you. – I suspect it is purpose-thinking – a cultural and mental pragmatism of the doable that thinks it has no alternative – that is now increasingly falling flat. Its methods are failing. Its perspectives are collapsing. Its claustrophobic horizons hardly leave any room for a livable and liveable future.

I believe we find in the background and underground of the cultural surface (Ken Wilber, the integral thinker, researcher and mystic calls it the flatland) – that is, if you will, in the subconscious of culture – traces and currents that let us see the way.

I believe that the „invention of the future“ will not be a technological-scientific one. Our evolutionary future seems to be a far more radical one. I don’t think we can read humanity’s transformational potential in a „culture“ that is an expression of male and mental dominance, a technological order of power. – But perhaps in its transformed integral subjects.

I dare say that the history of the future has already been written. At least as a story. As a narrative. Narratives give us an orientation. The book of humanity’s stories lies open before us. Each of them is part of the invention of the future – if we know how to read them in a lucid sense.

A lucid, an alert, an unafraid, open subject. Know thyself. This was written above the temple of Delphi. „Unafraid“ means to be frightened (also of oneself) but not to lose the COURAGE. Not to betray LOVE. Not to fear FREEDOM. Not to refuse compassion. To dare OPENNESS. To give space to the JOY of SENSE. To honour the UNITY of all life.

MITAKUYE OYASSIN – that’s what the North American Natives call it.


We already suspect it. This All really means All. Kinship means living connectedness. A sense of wholeness for all living things is expressed here. A consciousness of wholeness.

When this consciousness of wholeness awakens in the subject, the whole radicality of evolution is revealed. It apparently „wants“ Everything in One. In everyone.

Yes, we already suspect that a culture of no alternatives, of exclusivity, delimitation and exclusion, of inequality and dominance is not viable. The invention of the future happens in the subject that unfolds into the self. It slips out of culture like out of a cocoon that has become too narrow. It seeks FREEDOM in the OPENNESS of CONSCIOUSNESS. It finds SENSE in the dissolution of LOVE. It feels the JOY of UNITY.

It can almost seem as if humanity is at the transition to a new era. The old has had its day. One should actually call it post-cultural. It is the step from the post-conventional to the post-cultural. The whole place is shutting down. The conspiracy of cultural conventions dissolves. The confusion of the world ends here. – We only need to lift our gaze.



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