Happy New Year

I wish us all a happy new year!

May we succeed in not letting ourselves be worn down by all the bad news and instead feed more on the nectar of life.
The nectar – that is the hopeful news and important insights that don’t make it into the mass media, even though it would be so important. For our physical and mental health and for the well-being of our planet Earth. Many solutions are already there. They are just waiting for a broader public and politicians to take notice of them. Last but not least, I would like to make a few recommendations for the time between the years, which is always a time of pause and reflection.

I’ll start with the book Corona als Weckruf by Ruediger Dahlke, which made it onto the Spiegel bestseller list. An interesting perspective on a topic that has been occupying us daily for the past two years.
Furthermore, Im Grunde gut. Authored by Rutger Bregman. I’m listening to it as an audio book on Spotify right now. And last but not least, a film that is on Netflix, but can probably be seen elsewhere. Kiss the Ground is about a different form of agriculture that can contribute to both health and climate protection and has already proven in many places that it works.

If we all understand our responsibility as co-creators of a „new world“ and dedicate ourselves to this task with joy, then an exciting time lies ahead of us.

In this spirit – all the best for 2022!

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