The Rediscovery of Our „First Nature“

by mayakirsch Man always carries his whole history and the history of humanity with him.Carl Gustav Jung Many years ago I had the thought that at this point in human history it will be a matter of involving large parts of the population in decision-making processes. Gone are the days of authoritarian rulers. At least„The Rediscovery of Our „First Nature““ weiterlesen

Where to take from if not to steal?

### By: LuckyMe The term CULTURE seems interesting to me. For most people it has a positive connotation – for women and men alike. Similar to the term NATURE or HUMAN. CULTURE presumably derives its positive value from its distinction from BARBARITY. We are cultured people, we have set ourselves apart from barbarism. We are„Where to take from if not to steal?“ weiterlesen

Lecture #1: Alice in Wonderland

By Dr. Carola Muysers Postgraduate #Guckstu with the Avenger of Art and lectures for everyone and always: Morning, morning and welcome to the avenger of art from the postgraduate course #Guckstu. Here you can learn how to do art avenging professionally, for which you don’t need a school-leaving certificate, but can do a master’s degree,„Lecture #1: Alice in Wonderland“ weiterlesen

A world without art? – Unthinkable.

On the relationship between art and culture I imagine what the accidental impression of a charcoal-blackened hand on a cave wall must have meant to our early ancestors. A space of possibility must have opened up at that moment – a new level of interaction/communication with the world. And even today, this decisive moment in„A world without art? – Unthinkable.“ weiterlesen