Invitation to reflect together

The 48 Stunden Neukölln festival has stood for encounters and exchange for many years. This year, too, encounters indoors will probably only be possible to a limited extent.
Can an exchange of ideas still be realised?


In recent months we have seen that external circumstances can change at lightning speed. There are ample signs of sweeping social change. The real challenge is the climate crisis, which has only been temporarily eclipsed by the pandemic. We are currently experiencing how quickly it can happen that the reins of action are taken out of our hands. On the other hand, many people now have more time to pause and reflect.
I understand my blog posts as an introduction to a „well-meaning“ exchange of ideas.

About how we experience this time, what visions of the future we would like to share with other people, in short, what particularly moves us at the moment. You can comment on the articles or submit your own contributions in the form of letters to the editor or essays. Unlike the emotionally heated comments in the social networks, this is not the place for insults and defamation. Thinking together is a different thing.

I look forward to exciting contributions!

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